A Quick Guide for When You Want to Auction Your Car

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Making the decision to auction your car can be exciting, bittersweet, relieving, or a mix of all those things and more. Whether you’re a collector who needs to make space in your inventory, or you simply want a convenient way to get a good price for your car, auctioning is a great option.

A Quick Guide for When You Want to Auction Your Car

Most people know the general process for selling a car, but not everyone has sent a car to auction, so we’ve put together this quick guide to help you understand the process when you’re ready to auction your car. Here are the general steps in the car auctioning process.

  1. Inspection: Before you can auction your car, it will need an inspection to assess its condition. Any issues that could impact its value, such as mechanical problems or defects in the appearance, will be noted.
  2. Listing: Once the inspection is complete, the next step is to list it in an auction. The listing will include the inspection notes and is available before the auction begins, allowing potential buyers time to review it and decide what cars they want to bid on. The listing process also includes setting a reserve price, which is the minimum you are willing to sell the car for.
  3. Bidding: During this stage, prospective buyers will place bids on your car, either online or at an in-person auction. An auctioneer oversees the process, and the highest bid will be shown as the current price.
  4. Sale: If the reserve price is met or exceeded, the car will be sold to whoever the highest bidder is. If the reserve price is not met, the car can be listed again at a later auction.
  5. Delivery & Payment: Once the car is sold, buyers typically have a set window in which to procure payment and work with the seller to arrange the car’s delivery after payment has been received.

Using a broker is a great way to make it easier to auction your car. We at CCC Brokers have plenty of experience with car auctions, and we can help you get a fair price for your car. Reach out today for more information.