Factors Considered During Your Classic Car Appraisal

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Any car appraisal is complicated by the number of mitigating factors involved, but that is especially true during a classic car appraisal. There are general factors like the year, make, and model of your vehicle. But some factors are more intangible, like the historical sales prices, the current supply and demand for a certain vehicle type, and the influence that the condition of your specific vehicle has on its valuation.

Factors Considered During Your Classic Car Appraisal

At CCC Brokers, we have the knowledge and experience needed to conduct expert classic car appraisal services. We will collect as much information as possible on your vehicle and then give you an accurate representation of its current value. Here are some of the major factors we consider:

  • Year, make, and model: It is often true that older classic cars are worth more, but there are exceptions. Certain years are especially desirable or in demand at times.
  • Condition and mileage: Documentation of restoration work and maintenance matters. And low mileage is good, as long as the car has still been driven periodically. A car that has sat in the garage for 20 years may need significant work to make it road-worthy again.
  • Authenticity and original components: Every piece of authenticity counts. From the paint job to the sheet metal and even the little knobs and emblems, having original components significantly increases the valuation of your vehicle.

The quality of restoration work can also impact value, as well as the perceived rarity of your car. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience and let us complete a classic car appraisal for you today.