How Can Our Free Online Vehicle Assessment Be Accurate?

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How Can Our Free Online Vehicle Assessment Be Accurate?Our free online vehicle assessment tool has become very popular, but you may be wondering how it could possibly be accurate. At CCC Brokers, we have extensive experience dealing with classic, vintage, and antique vehicles. So, wherever you are and whatever the condition of the classic car you are looking to sell, we are confident that we can provide a fairly accurate assessment of its current value after you complete our free online vehicle assessment.

This simple online form allows us to collect key information about you and your vehicle, including:

  • Your contact information: Your name, email, and phone number allow us to get you the information you need.
  • Photos of your vehicle: We ask you to submit a variety of photos of your vehicle, including the front, back, rear, undercarriage, roof, and interior. The better these photos represent the current condition of your vehicle, the more accurate our estimate of its value will be.
  • Make, model, and year: This information may be the most important, as it allows us to determine the supply and demand of this particular vehicle.
  • Message: This is your chance to supply us with all the pertinent information that you have about your vehicle. What is the condition of your vehicle? How many miles does it have? What is the trim package level, and are there any factory-included options you want to mention? What is its restoration history?

Today is a great day to fill out our free online vehicle assessment form. We purchase classic cars in all conditions. We can even discuss purchasing a whole collection of cars. Reach out to us today.